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"A second solo album from this singer songwriter from New York is very welcome indeed. His previous album 'Color Of the Day' drew together some of his older songs and so it's good to hear a set of new material. For me, Mark is simply an excellent songwriter managing to combine poetry, passionate expression and spiritual insight into a collection of cliché free observations on life. Here he presents some songs that have an edgier rocky feel like "Isn't She Alright", previously released "I Want You" and the brilliantly raucous "Rumble" that match strong melody, heavier instrumentation and Mark's distinctive gritty voice. Standouts for me include the acoustic vibe of the worshipful "My Beloved" and the obvious Britpop influence of "Jesus Lane", a song that he wrote while in England. Listening to "Soft Engine", I wonder whether any song ever expressed so poetically the dynamic that juxtaposes our desire to follow hard after God whilst also recognising our own weaknesses that short circuit the process. The production quality is top notch and the album is excellently packaged. Mark Giacobbe is a true artist, blessed with an incredible voice and a vulnerable heart that expresses the wonder of his faith journey. It mystifies me that an American label hasn't snapped him up for an international deal so for now, he remains largely unknown outside New York so if you want to discover a brilliant singer songwriter, this is one to chase down. (10 squares)"

-Mike Rimmer, Crossrhythms Magazine (UK)


"The king of New York strikes again. I first met Mark a number of years ago when he was the lead vocalist and songwriter of a local group called Mother Kirk and I've been hooked ever since then. This is his second solo release and is again self produced and with a few exceptions is a solo album in the truest sense of the word. Mike Luisi plays drums and there are a couple of guest bass players on a cut or two but this is Mark's baby all the way. He plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, organ, piano, Wurlitzer, synthesizer, percussion and song flute. Guys that are this talented make me so jealous because I am totally a spazz when it comes to playing any instrument. Not only does he play everything you can think of but he has got a great set of pipes too, I'd say he is one of my favorite male vocalists without a doubt.

The packaging on the album is by local songstress Vesper, who also provides some harmonies, and is brilliant. It is in the form of a diorama, so you can use your imagination to tell various and sundry stories as the Spirit moves you. Whether singing of friends as in "Child Of The Burning Heart", "Wake up my child can't you see that I'm calling you. You are a man after my heart...Arise and shine for your light has come". He can also sing about his car "Soft Engine", "Cause I've got a soft engine and I feel it's running down. All the miles and might haves take their toll". This guys lyrics speak to the Everyman in each of us. When I listen to this album it makes me proud to be connected with the music scene in New York City. Mark and his comrades in song, Stickman Jones, Sarah Lentz and the rest are making a significant impact in this area of the country. I have sen him play in various settings over the past few years, with a band and solo, and he is one performer that i would go see at the drop of a hat. Check out his web site at
(5 tocks )"

-Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock,
The Phantom Tollbooth

(Note: 1 tock = 2 squares.)


"A brilliant acoustic rock record. One of the best CDs I've heard in months (and I hear a LOT!). A 10-out-of-10 rating in my book."

- Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby


SPIN is a wonderfully crafted musical journey of excellent melodies accompanied by top-notch production quality. From the raw, rock appeal of "Reckless," to the Beatle-esque "Jesus Lane," to the worshipful "My Beloved," the listener gets a taste of one man's passionate, honest, and sold-out walk in this life. This CD works well on "repeat" mode.

- Christy Tennant, Singer/songwriter - Algumwood Music