Album Credits

Produced by Mark Giacobbe

All Songs words and music by Mark Giacobbe


"Isn't She Alright"
Words by Mark Giacobbe
Music by Mark Giacobbe & Joe Luisi

Basic Tracks recorded by Al Houghton and Michael Ungerer at Dubway Studios, NYC

Engineered and mixed by Mark Giacobbe at The Pumpkin Patch, NYC

Additional engineering by Julio Peña

Mastered by Mark Dann at Mark Dann recording, NYC

Mark Giacobbe- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass (except where noted), mandolin, organ, piano, wurlitzer, synthesizer, percussion, song flute

Mike Luisi- Drums

Jad Mintun- Bass, "Child of the Burning Heart"
Joe Luisi- Bass, "I Want You"
Mark Dann- Upright Bass, "Keep Bees"
Vepser & Ben Stamper- Harmony vocals, "My Beloved"
Mike Powell- BGV's, "Keep Bees" & "One Step Higher"
Tony Gargiulo- Guitar solo, "I Want You"
Mark, Joe L., Tony- BGV's, "I Want You"
Mom & Mark- Hand claps, "Jesus Lane"

Cover concept by Mark Giacobbe, Vesper, and Hereen Oh

Design & original paintings by Vesper

Mark's portrait by David Sacks



I look around me I see shadows long and sinister; seems
Giants surround me, got a way of setting hearts a-trembling
But words uphold me like a bulwark to these unseen sureties while
Ancient love unfold me like a flower to the morning sun

I got a sea to walk on
I got a hill to move on
I got a stone to sling

I'm getting reckless in my thoughts of you
Fearless in the things I'd do
Daring just to lay it all on you

There are such fine lines between faith, presumption and stupidity
Don't always find my way; thing is I Fear so I am not afraid
Of making choices of seeming detriment for deeper strains prevail
And I hear voices calling higher, speak of vindication

I got a sea to walk on
I got a hill to move on
I got a stone to roll

Though my double flowers fade
Though my frame becomes unmade
Though you bleach and burn and fade
I will praise


Isn't She Alright

I know this is so unlike me
I'm usually more content than that
Too slow waiting for the right thing
To show up like a rabbit from your hat

Well my cup's a little empty, yeah my well's a little dry
I know I was made for plenty this should hold me for awhile

Isn't she alright
Isn't she lovely
Isn't she just what I need
Maybe it's all wrong
Maybe it's alright
Maybe I've got a lot to learn

I know fascination haunts me
Floating by in gilded cerements
You know this is gonna cost me
parsimony is my best defense

Well you talk about the menu like it's apples from a tree
I just need a change of venue and this is fine by me

Yeah I've got a lot to learn



Rumble me
Toss and tumble me
All I really want to be is with you
Humble me
Cross and crumble me
Take me to the place where I can see you

Tremble all the earth before this
Humble O my soul before this
Tremble all the earth before this
Rumble O my soul

Harry me
Crash and carry me
Pursue relentlessly 'till I'm yours
Heighten me
Burn and brighten me
My native luminosity is but dun

Rumble me
Toss and tumble me
Do your dirty work to make me happy



Today it felt just like a new day
Like the ever-running flood came a-lapping at my feet
A new way more like a lover's two-way
Got to open wide my mouth and take something to eat

Well I've got to go can't stay here you know
Things are good when you can receive

I don't know what to say I just feel wunderful today
I don't know what to say I just feel wunderful

Today I thought I caught a bourree
Felt like lifting up my hands for angel-envied grace
Hooray for the coming new day
When the streets will overflow with never-ending praise

Well I had to learn not to crash and burn
Things are better when you're willing to recede

I here you calling
I don't mind falling
I'm going all the way


My Beloved

I am my beloved's and my beloved he is mine
I am my beloved's and my beloved he is mine
I want to feel your gentle touch
I want to hear your quiet voice
I want to see your beautiful face
My beloved
My beloved

I will praise you
I will love you
I will worship and adore
I will seek you
I will find you
You alone are my reward
My reward


Jesus Lane

Walking down Jesus Lane morning bells sound through the rain
"All is well, ease the pain" Think it's time for new connection yeah

Walking down Jesus Lane morning glory looks so plain
A bicycle, weather vane speak of new direction

If you hold my hand
Well then I think that I could walk a thousand miles
If you hold my hand
Well then I think that I'd get by with just a smile

Walking down Jesus Lane mourning doves sound very strange
"All is well", a better refrain
Lose the circumspection

And in the evening when I stroll along the river
I look over and I see it's not too wide
And home is there but also here
If here's where you are


Child of the Burning Heart

Wake up my child, can't you hear I'm calling you
You are a man after my heart
You've been wandering down in misty lowlands
When I'd have you come so far

'Cause there are heights of which you've never dreamed
Treasures I would have you find
So won't you get up and take hold of my hand
Come with me and let me blow your mind

Arise, Arise and shine for your light has come
Arise, Arise and shine for your light has come
Arise, Arise and shine for your light has come
And let my glory rise upon you
My child of the burning heart

Well you know that I've been watching you
And I know you love to dance
Well I've got a little number it's called the glory rhyme
Won't you move with me in this sacred romance

Rest, rest your weary head awhile
For I know the path is hard
This is my way I bring so many sons to glory
Like me they'll be known by the scars

But I promise you my child in just a little while
This will all fade like a mist
And then I'll wrap my arms around you in a long embrace
And I'll kiss you like you've never been kissed

For David; based on "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer


I Want You

You promise blessing but I don't want that
You promise riches but it's not for me
You give me honor but it falls a bit flat
Compared to knowing you live in me

'cause I want you
(bread of life I taste and long to feast upon Thee still)
I want you
(Fountainhead I drink and thirst my soul from Thee to fill)
I want you
(Lover of my soul come touch me with your bright and burning love)

You give me peace flowing like a river
You give me joy like the summer rain
You give me love but I want the giver
I'll suffer loss if it's you I gain

In having and in wanting still your visage I adore
'Cause I have tasted of this goodness and I know that I want more
I am raptured, I am ravished, you have touched me, I will never let you go

You give me cities but it's secondary
Though reigning with you will be quite a scene
'Cause you gotta know that I am not mercenary
When I say I want you, it's you I mean


Soft Engine

"Upgrade maintain speed" thanks for the warning
'Cause this motor isn't what it ought to be
So I'm gaining some momentum this bright morning
To stay the course when it's too dark to see

'Cause I've got a soft engine and I fear it's running down
All the miles and the might-haves take their toll
I've got a soft engine won't you lay me down
In your green fields to rest, O my soul

I've felt the sting of sepulchral aloneness
Like Lazarus with no one come to call
I've felt the breeze as from Mount Zion's own kiss
But what strikes me is the frailty of it all

You say to lay these dreams upon the altar
But I think no angel comes to stay the blade
All I ask is that you grant me not to falter
That in the end I'd find out that I made the grade

With gilded forensic precision you cut through me
With no ether as you penetrate my soul
O, do quickly what I know you must do to me
'Cause your redemption here is taking quite a toll


Keep Bees

Do you see this land? not bad for a man
Who's seen the trails and the trials I have
Hard to believe my travelin's done
'Cause I have drunk the dust of my wanderlust
And swayed with the breeze like the tops of the trees
But I finally come back to the place where I begun

'Cause I got a good thing, yeah I'm alright now
I'm gonna plant new seed and turn this forty into Eden
I got a good thing, yeah I'm alright now
I'm gonna keep bees and do as I please
I'm gonna rest these weary bones no more to roam
'Cause I finally found a place to call my home

Well these well-heeled criminals from San Fran
They want to take my water, they want to take my land
Well I'd just like to see them try
'Cause I have staked out my salvation
On this edge between the plain and the mountain
And you can't keep a good man down
I got a well so deep, gonna never run dry

And in the evening when the shadows chase the mountains
In the summer when the flowers shimmer like a sea of gold
I will thank my lucky stars for finding freedom
Only one more thing I need
I'm gonna marry myself a little Spanish girl
To keep me warm when the nights grow so cold


One Step Higher

She reads the poster with great eagerness
As I lean over to try to see the sign
I do not share her sense of earnestness
But after all maybe I could use six days of glory

And as the sun burns gold on the southern face
Of the highest point of the highest place
A man seeks in vain for understanding
Well maybe he's just gotta climb

One step higher
Just gotta move two doors down
Gotta walk one mile further
Gonna blow this town

To find my Shangri-La
Catch a shooting star
Or find a room with a view of the sea

We are brutally mortal
Easing Adam's ache with dirty water from broken well
Waiting for sensible mercy
As this leaning fence totters just a little more

And as the Sun falls down to the western sea
A ship sails off for eternity
As a young girl sighs and dreams of utter northernness
Well maybe she's just gotta climb

Shelter, I'm seeking shelter
But I think I just missed it one more time again

To find my Shangri-La
Catch a shooting star
Is something amiss or is it only me?

To find my pleasure dome
Maybe my true home Or just a room with a view of the sea


Passion Play

You can touch the stars but never see the light
You can know the scars and not know wrong from right
You can grab the ring but never seize the day
You can dance and sing but never find the play
You can fall asleep, you can fall asleep

You can steal a kiss but never give your heart
You can find your bliss but lose the dearest part
You can run away, you can run away

In the language of the burning heart
There is static as the arrows find their beating mark
In the space between desire and today
You take your part in the passion play

Well I've heard tell of tragedy
How a year can be mythology
And April send you cowering
From flowers poised like snakes to spring
You can ease the pain but the truth remains

Won't you take your part, take your part

You can touch the stars but never see the light
You can know the scars and not know wrong from right
You can seal your fate or you can be embraced

Won't you take your part in the passion play


Just to See You

Walk down winding road to the sea
spinning and drifting
Feels like you've been calling on me again

Just to see you
Just to see you
Just to see you
Just to see you

Storymaker spin me a tale
'Cause I've lost my paper
Only turn the pages around for me

'Cause I just want to go my way
I cannot see by light of day
And this is what I have to say
I wonder if you'd find away
So all my spinning and trying
And sinning and crying
Could wind all around for me
Just to see you

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